Mathew Harryman




May 28, 2014

I had lessons with Steve Gibbons from around July/September through to January/February which was when i passed my test first time, thanks to his time and help. Steve was most importantly a very good teacher, he was quick to suss me out as an individual and catered our lessons for my personal preferences as a learning driver. At no time did i feel nervous or anxious to drive with Steve, even on the first lesson, as he was very reassuring and believed in me even when i didn't believe in myself. He would set me goals and help me achieve new things on the road without em even realising i was doing something id never done before. Secondly, Steve was a very chatty and funny man, i had many friends who either didn't enjoy their driving lessons or look back on them negatively, and i can honestly say that i enjoyed every lesson with Steve even the early ones! Overall, despite not having any other teacher i thought Steve's methods of teaching were the most effective and efficient and i wouldn't of wanted another teacher. I recommend him to everyone because i know they will not be disappointed.

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